A Review of Furnace Leaking Water

The most common cause for water below your furnace is a clogged condensation drain. So once you see water leaking from it, you could be somewhat unnerved. So you see that there is standing water below your furnace.

furnace leaking water

There are quite a few other reasons water collects below your furnace including air conditioner leaks. In many cases, it leaking from a furnace is not a problem that should cause major concern, but it is not one you should ignore, either. Although you ought to never see water all around your furnace unit, at times the issue can be quite minor and easily fixed.

The Dirty Truth About Furnace Leaking Water

If you believe water may be leaking from your furnace, contact Cabrillo after you’re able to. Water can also make mold, creating your family sick. For non-condensing furnaces, water leaking is often due to an exhaust flue that’s becoming blockedor might have been incorrectly sized in the very first spot. Any leaking or pooling water all around your furnace is a sign of a problem that demands immediate attention.

While there’s no way to accurately determine why a furnace is leaking water without an exhaustive inspection, there are a couple of common issues that will likely be the matter. It leaking from under your unit is most often due to a clogged line. A furnace leaking water is never a great sign, but often it isn’t quite as bad as you may think when you first see the issue.