All About a Condenser Fin Comb

A condenser fin comb is one of the most important components of a condenser. It is a device that is used to control the electrical current and it also serves to cut down on the noise that can be generated by the condenser. The type of comb used here is the coil comb. This comb is normally made up of three parts namely the coil, the shield and the diaphragm. These parts are fitted together in such a way that when the coil is heated by the heat from the air it will move faster than the others.

condenser fin comb

These coils are used in order to conduct the electrical current to the condenser. The comb that is used here is generally made up of one coil and these coils is fitted onto the condenser as well as onto the other parts of the comb. The other part of the comb is known as the diaphragm. This is a thin metal sheet that has an air gap around the inside. The air gaps help to reduce the noise created by the condenser and also helps to maintain the proper temperature of the condenser. There are different types of coil comb and each of them has its own function. A coil comb has three types namely;

Another type of coil comb is known as the spiral type of comb. The coil that is fixed onto the top of the comb and the other two are fitted onto the other end of the coil. These coils can be easily adjusted depending upon the need of the situation. The other types of coil comb include the flat type of comb, the curved type of comb and the screw type of comb.