All About Condensing Unit Stopped Working

In the event the unit comes on briefly when you reset the breakers, but they trip once more, call an air-conditioning service provider to examine the electrical wiring. If you’re depending on a single window unit to cool a massive space you will have to experiment with the thermostat setting as the temperature will fluctuate depending on where you’re in the room. Window units, clearly, don’t provide the whole-house control of a central system.

Condensing Unit Stopped Working Features

Based on your situation and the way your system is acting, you may need to determine if you should change out your system or repair it. Additionally, to get increased efficiency, the systems could have more intricate technology like motor speeds and electronics. Whether your heating process is on the brink of a breakdown or has already stopped working completely, you desire a trustworthy HVAC contractor on the scene once possible.

In the event the problem occurs, you will see the error codes LC0-LC9. More often than not, it comes from reduced air flow. There weren’t any more performance issues with the installed equipment.

In case the problem persists, you must employ the service of an electrical contractor. It is often simple enough to be repaired by an average homeowner. More likely there’s an electrical or control issue.