Facts, Fiction and Furnace Not Staying on

Each furnace demands a specific quantity of combustion air to enable the flames to breathe properly. The furnace has a control set to switch off the burners as soon as the heat exchanger reaches a specific temperature. Make sure that the blower motor in your furnace is operating. A furnace or HVAC contractor will be in a position to find out what the issue with your unit is.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Furnace Not Staying on

You need to understand you can ride on your heating system to find the task done. In the event the system is running but you haven’t changed your filter, the filter should be replaced. To troubleshoot the issue, you first will need to comprehend the way your furnace ignition system works.

When it’s still not working, it can be among the problems above. In the event the problem stops, you’ve pinpointed the issue. With a bit do-it-yourself experience and the correct guidance, you can troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of furnace problems yourself. One of the most usual furnace problems is as soon as the burners won’t stay lit. Another frequent problem isn’t a good regulator at the propane tank. The issue is often with the thermostatespecially when you have a combustion furnace. Thermostat problems are the most usual reason your house heater doesn’t offer enough warmth.