Furnace Noise Level Comparison

It is possible to conduct a furnace noise level comparison for the price of a few beers, which is not something that we advise. What we suggest is that you do your homework and find out if you can get a deal on a more powerful motor. We are also aware that upgrading your furnace is not cheap. However, this will only add some miles per gallon to your existing unit, which is very useful. The savings could certainly pay for an upgrade in the first place.

When we lived in this house our furnace was never a particularly noisy process. However, when we moved back into our old home we were amazed at how bad it was running. The new unit was costing us a small fortune to run and we knew that we had to change it before the next winter came round. It was also so noisy that we found it impossible to work in the garage and a fair bit of trouble to keep the garage door open at all times. Not to mention that the dust from the generator that kept the power going was making its way into our car’s exhaust system, which in turn affected the heating.

We went to our local furnace repair shops and got ourselves a rather powerful motor, which was a few thousand dollars more than the one that they offered to sell us. It was definitely the best value for money option available. Of course, it took some time for the job to be done, which could add to your final bill. This is definitely a deal that you should take into account before paying a repair bill.