Lowes Furnace Filters

Do you have a problem with your furnace filters? Lowes has changed the furnace filters a few times in a year now and they did it to increase their ratings. They offer several upgrades that are very good. There is also new insulation for the filters, which helps to ensure the efficiency of the furnace for longer. The new attic filters have lower maintenance requirements and are easier to install and maintain for the homeowner.

Lowes has really come up big time and is one of the best furnace companies to buy your furnace from. We have been a customer of theirs for over 20 years and they are always on top of the trends in the appliance industry. We find that they always have great products at low prices, and an upgraded furnace that lasts longer. One of our favorite ones is the Lowes furnace filters; there is an upgrade to a HEPA certified furnace and even after all these years of using the original system we still get higher energy efficiency.

We always order the Lowes products and when the new furnace comes in it seems to only last a couple of months and then it needs to be replaced. The warranty is still with them but we just find that they seem to be on the path of not being a quality company. They still make some high-end furnaces for low prices, but when it comes to the regular consumers they seem to just give us a runaround. It is nice to know that they still have a good reputation but we wish we would have learned about the loweys upgrades sooner. They were very good at the initial furnace for a few years and now they are not nearly as good as they used to be.