The Key to Successful Compressor Lubricating Oil

Life, Death, and Compressor Lubricating Oil

The quantity of oil in compressed air is dependent on quite a few factors, including the state of the machine and how regularly it’s maintained, the status of the coalescer and filters and whether parts that were fitted have been recommended by the original equipment manufacturer. It is also a very important component of your air compressor. The best kind of reciprocating air compressor oil and suitable oil viscosity to utilize for lubrication is dependent on factors like the kind of gas that’s being compressed and the desired discharge pressure.

As with the majority of machines, compressors arrive in an assortment of types depending on the application. They are very sensitive components that must be properly lubricated in order for them to achieve a long service life. They have a long life time and over that lifetime you may have flooded it with different brands or types of oil. When it has to do with lubricating rotary-screw air compressors, an exceptional set of circumstances can produce the process difficult.

In some systems, the lubricant must act as a cooling fluid and a sealant. Lubricants are a vital part of any lubricated rotary compressor. They are generally composed of a majority of base oil plus a variety of additives to impart desirable characteristics. In order to stop a compressor failure, the lubricant should be drained. Occasionally, unused lubricant demands disposal.