Tips to Avoid Condenser Failure

A condenser runs constantly and with the right water pressure it can pump all the water from the hot to the cold storage unit. However, if a unit is flooded with too much water from the condenser, then water from the hot storage unit is forced through the condenser’s filter and the filtered water forces water from the cold storage unit, but the system then can’t process the heat properly. In that case, a condenser failure can result in an overheated system, which leads to loss of revenue, too.

condenser runs constantly

For a condenser to run constantly, the coolant level of the system must be consistent, and the volume of water should be constant as well. So, what you need to do first is to run a test to determine if your unit has a high enough coolant level. Run a test of your pump, fan and condenser, then let them run for some time, then check the coolant level. If it has been dropped, you will have to get a new cooling unit, and the process has to continue until the problem is fixed.

Besides overheating, a condenser failure can also cause the system to run inefficiently, which can be avoided by following these tips. You should first read the manufacturer’s manual and instructions carefully, so that you can figure out how to check the level of coolant in your system. Next, you should never store water over a full tank, because it causes the level of the coolant to drop below normal. Water should be stored in a shallow container at the bottom of the storage unit and then poured in a few inches at a time until it goes through the condenser. If the problem does not seem to be the result of something wrong with the pump or fan, but is more serious, you can ask the manufacturer to send you to a technician for further investigation.