What Is The Difference Between a Condensing Unit Vs An HVAC System?

A lot of people ask themselves this question, what is the difference between a condensing unit and an HVAC system. The two have a lot of similarities and one will be able to take care of a large amount of cooling by using a single device. You do not want to have an expensive unit that is unable to provide air conditioning in your home because of its size. This may be expensive for you and the extra money will have to be put into another heating system that can help in the comfort of your home. The condensing unit will have the ability to work at a higher temperature because of its ability to remove excess moisture from air. These units will not only be able to remove moisture but also heat it back up so that it is not being wasted. A typical condensing unit will be able to remove about ninety-five percent of the moisture from the air, while a traditional heating system will only remove seventy-five percent.

The biggest difference between a condensing unit and a traditional heating system is in the type of air that it heats. If you have the older models of HVAC systems you are using a coil with the heat that the air is able to absorb. This coil will then push the air through the vents in order to cool off the inside of the house. When you install a new system, the coils are replaced with small coils that will work with ductwork to carry the hot air to the right locations. The coils will be able to control the temperature of the air that is being pushed through. The size of these coils will depend on the HVAC company you have hired. Once they replace the coils, you should be able to get more air moving into the home and cooler rooms than you can with a traditional HVAC system.