Where to Find Condensing Unit Security Cages

If your unit struggles to cool your house, it can lead to expensive breakdowns and shorten the life span of your complete system. The Level two unit is made for medium security applications. Based on how your unit was installed you might need to put in a concrete AC pad so you can mount the cage to it. Find out more about when you could possibly be in a position to replace no more than the outside condensing unit, versus the whole system.

The Foolproof Condensing Unit Security Cages Strategy

Every system is a possible target. Some systems will even notify the authorities, sending immediate aid to your dwelling. They offer notification through a dialer or connected to your existing home alarm system. Even if your system is vandalized, there’s hope of recovering a number of the critical components. Consult your installer to put the system where it’s going to be most secure. Even in the event that you don’t get a complete system, warning stickers may also be effective here.

In the majority of cases it is possible to install the cage yourself. Typical cages are made to permit this, so you’d be sensible to obtain a professionally installed model. These distinctive security cages can be pricey, often requiring an investment of several hundred dollars, and they generally need to get installed by a specialist.