Why Everyone Is Talking About Furnace Flame Sensor and What You Should Do

The sensor could be permanently connected to the ignition system, in which case you’ll need to take out the lot. The majority of the time it’s the flame sensor. The flame sensor is situated in the middle of the combustion chamber. In most kinds of furnace setups, it should be located near the burner assembly. It is one of the most delicate parts of the furnace and has to be handled with care. If cleaning the furnace flame sensor doesn’t address the issue of the furnace not running, you’ll need to get in touch with a professional HVAC professional as a way to help troubleshoot and repair the matter.

Furnace Flame Sensor – the Conspiracy

In case the furnace is dead cold, you must start a systematic troubleshooting practice. It contains a flame sensor that tracks pilot light to see if it is functioning properly, and if it is, the main gas valve is allowed to open, causing the burners to light up. Getting your furnace break down can be a rather unpleasant circumstance. In the event the furnace has a problem the very first time you use that, then it will normally be covered by the warranty. As an issue of fact, furnaces can quit working any moment. Most new furnaces have a warranty that covers defective parts should they fail within a particular period of time.