Why Furnace Vibration is a Common Problem

Furnace vibrations are nothing new to homeowners. It is quite obvious that furnace owners may hear the sounds and feel vibrations on their side, which might come from the vents or also on the fireplace. The main cause of furnace noises is a high air-flow in your furnace causing the fuel burning to sound like a roaring beast.

Furnace noise is a common problem to all homeowners, however it has a lot of different causes. First thing you need to check is your furnace filter and find out if it is clean. Make sure it is working properly, if not change the filter immediately. The type of filters usually fall into three categories: front line filters, back line filters and accumulators. Front line filters are usually installed with the initial set up of your furnace and should not be changed after the first couple of months.

Back line filters are needed in case the front line filter fails to provide a good protection for your furnace noise. Accumulators are a type of filter that stores any gas produced by your furnace and also the air that has gone through your furnace. Accumulators also called “gas accumulators” as they come in white or black color and are also known as “dead man’s arms”. When your furnace isn’t running and you hear its sound, it could be keeping the dead man’s arms going. The dead man’s arms don’t move when the furnace is running and they absorb all the trapped gas in the furnace. For more information regarding furnace noise see the articles below: