About Us

Cozy Heat was formed for the purpose of meeting the needs of families wanting to find high quality, affordable heating solutions for their homes or businesses. About six years ago we joined with Aqua-Therm to provide the strongest support, education, expertise, and quality materials anywhere in the nation.

Aqua-Therm not only supplies a true, totally closed loop, outdoor wood burning boiler system, but also is the largest supplier of radiant heating systems in the country, providing complete system designs, products and application support. We have also teamed with Royall, the only other totally closed outdoor boiler system in America.

Our Company, Cozy Heat, along with Aqua-Therm can design your project, offer on-site assistance, and supply an entire hydronic package to meet your particular needs. We will design your system, provide the necessary boilers, radiant materials and controls, baseboard systems and indirect fired water heaters for domestic hot water needs. We can even heat your outdoor spa or pool. You pay only for the materials.

Finally, we do not operate in the normal distribution channel, from the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the hydronic contractor to the builder. We work directly with the homeowner or builders and developers to stream-line the process and provide a more consistent end product with higher degrees of quality control. We enjoy working with the “do it yourself” homeowner with help in design, materials and information but also provide materials for mechanical contractors.