How to Identify a Furnace Model Number

Furnace models are classified by the furnace model number. There are two types of furnace model numbers: the manufacturer’s name and the model number of the furnace. The manufacturer’s name identifies the brand or company which produces the furnace. On the other hand, the model number of the furnace identifies the model or type of furnace. There are two types of furnaces in the market-indirect-gas and direct-gas. Indirect gas furnaces are used for heating a room while direct gas furnaces are used to heat an entire room.

In order to get the right information on furnace model numbers, it is important to know how to identify one. The most common way to identify an item is the model number of it. For example, a gas furnace model number would be GE-1000. However, you can also look for the model number in the manual or the box it came in. However, if you want to know the exact model number, you may try calling the furnace company to ask. In addition, you can also search online to find the model number. If the company fails to respond to your request, you can consider contacting their customers’ service to ask for the model.

If you do not know the model number of your furnace, you can check for it online. Most of the furnace companies have websites that provide information about their products. You can use these websites to check on their models. Furthermore, the company website may also provide some additional useful information about the furnace. The website of the company may contain information like the model number, serial number, warranty details and any warranty period applicable to the model of furnace. Therefore, by using the internet you can obtain enough information on furnace models to identify one.