The Advantages Of A Condensing Unit Only

A Condensing Unit Only (CUU) is a device that works on the same principle as a heat pump, however the unit only heats water when it needs to. The only difference between these two types of heat pumps is the temperature that the water in the system can reach. A heat pump is a device that is installed on the surface of your property and allows hot air to circulate underneath it. This type of system will use heat exchangers to heat the hot air and warm water in an appropriate level for your property. An example of this would be a swimming pool.

There are many benefits to purchasing a UU. The biggest benefit is that this type of unit is a much smaller energy efficient unit. This means that your home or business will be able to conserve some of the electricity you use in a smaller area. The system itself requires only one main coil and also has no moving parts. The heat produced is also much greater than the heat pump. The cool part of this unit is that it is a little more expensive.

When looking for a UU, you will want to do your research and look for reputable companies. It’s important that you find a company that you feel comfortable with. Ask questions about their products and learn as much as you can about them. Be sure to compare different companies and look at different designs and prices. When you purchase a UU make sure that you have a licensed heating and cooling contractor install it to ensure that it is safe.