Using a Compressor Jumpers

Compressor Jumpers and the components that go into them should be handled with great care if they are to perform their function properly. You can never predict what will happen when you take your equipment for a test run, however there are some basic things that you should do that will reduce the risk of damage. If you want your equipment to be safe for all those times when you are not using it, make sure you read the instructions when using the jumpers. Always turn off the pressure when you are not using your equipment or switching tools. Now that you have your new tools, it is time to purchase the necessary equipment to install your new ice machine.

In order to use your compressor jumper hose correctly, you need to follow some simple instructions that were printed on the label. The first thing you need to do is get your jumper hose in place. You may need to slide one end of the jumper hose over one side of the outlet to ensure the correct fitting. If you want to avoid the hassle of fitting the jumper hose on, you can always use duct tape to wrap around the hose. Make sure you seal the hole so that air cannot leak out and damage the tubing or parts of the compressor. If the hose is in place correctly, it will help reduce the chances of moisture and rust building up.

Once your hose is in place and is securely fastened to the outlet, make sure you turn the valve on and off to check that all of the tubing is connected properly. Make sure that the connection from the compressor to the jumper hose is not damaged. When you are satisfied with the flow of air into the compressor, it is time to replace the compressor jumper hose. Make sure to disconnect the old compressor and put the new one in place. Make sure that the new one has its hose mounted securely to the wall. You will now have a high efficiency ice maker that is built to last!