What is a Compressor Delay?

Compressor delay is nothing but a protection for the compressor to make sure that the compressor doesn’t cycle on and off very fast, which will damage it severely. It has to be just enough to prevent overheating, not too much. If it’s too short, the engine may start to get overheated as well. So what’s it all about? Well, we all know that the compressor has been around since the birth of time, and it’s still as useful as ever. However, its speed, capacity and power have all gotten much faster, thanks to the introduction of modern technology. There’s no doubt that today, you’ll be able to do a lot more with a compressor than you could do even a few years back.

But, as much as the speed and power of today’s compressors are incredible, their safety is also phenomenal. In order to be safe, they should run at a steady, high speed without letting the compressor stall. This is called a good compression, which will ensure that the compressor doesn’t get overheated. However, if the compressor stalls, it could result in a serious accident. It will also affect the life span of the compressor, as well as the engine. This is one reason why a good compressor delay should be installed.

So, what exactly is a good compressor delay? Basically, it delays the flow of compressed air, keeping the compressor’s pressure within limits so that it will work longer. When you’re running an appliance that uses a compressor, there’s no need to get stressed out. Just install a compressor delay now, and enjoy using your air compressor.